The Beta Switch program -Stubborn Fat Loss For Women Review

I mentioned in the previous article Sue is not about little hacks ,tricks to get into shape ,shed fat. She is into information backed by science which works if u put the time ,effort into The Beta Switch program.

Different of Body Shapes of People

People have different body shapes. Thus, it doesn't necessarily mean that a fat person is unhealthy while a skinny one is healthy. The best indicator to use in determining a people's health is the Body Mass Index or BMI. To calculate your BMI, you need to measure your height and weight. Using the chart, you will know if you are underweight, have normal weight, overweight, or obese. To achieve your desired weight, you need to consult with a health specialist. You should not use diets simply because they are trending. Note that one of the major factors in your weight is your metabolism. Thus, one diet plan doesn't necessarily work for you. To properly inform people about weight, health experts are creating their own website to guide people. They are sharing important information and doctor-approved tips. You can be assured that all sources of information are correct and up-to-date.

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the beta switch diet review
The beta switch diet review

the beta switch review

 How does Sue Hentze’s Beta Switch  really Work?

Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch
Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch

f you are a man then this program is not for u ! This program was created  for women ,it is  complete weight loss lifestyle for women that literally switches on the fat burning power of ur beta receptors. How does this work?   The Beta Switch by Sue Heintze,  here ‘s thatI know so far. Now this can get a technical ,I will do my best to explain it to understand fashion. Your fat loss ,weight gain are both controlled by something on the cellular l evel. This is called Adrenoreceptors.

These ‘re  like SWITCHES what react with a hormone Iam sure u heard of before called adrenaline. This hormone is released naturally by ur body ,makes u store or release fat. Everyone has both Beta Adrenoreceptors ,Alpha Adrenoreceptors. If u know how to turn on ur beta receptors , Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch shows u how to do then u will start triggering massive fat burning.

Now the opposite is true as good. If u turn on your alpha receptor “switch” then you will start to store ,trap fat in ur fat cells.Here is something what can be shock u ! Women, that means u have 9X more alpha receptors 0n their stubborn fat!

The Beta Switch combines tactic nutrition ,certain exercises what target this stubborn fat ,literally turn on the beta switch which turns 0ff the alpha switch!

The importance of losing weight

Being overweight is not necessarily a bad thing for as long as you are also healthy by a reasonable definition. However, if your body start exceeding the threshold of the kind of mass that it can tolerate, a lot of bad things can happen. As such, even if you don’t really care about how you look, there are also other reasons for why you really want to try and lose weight.

Looking up top 10 home (/category/home-and-gardening/) solutions for weight loss is a good place to start since you can’t be expected to just jump right into it. However, it's also important to temper your expectations because it's impossible to lose all the weight you want gone overnight. Even undergoing liposuction requires time to actually show visible effects and even then, it might not go the way you expect.

This ‘s the  way to rarget female pattern fat storage ,Sue Heintze walks step by step  the process in The Beta Switch.

The Beta Switch is the combination 0f over 20 year of work ,research by Sue Heintze. If u want to know more about her u may check out the following page where  dive into the life story of Sue Heintze.

What’s Included With Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch

Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch
Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch

what do u get with The Beta Switch? That information is  a little hard to come by in terms of exactly that  u get . u  get The Beta Switch main program which includes the main manual  ,Diet TrackerQuickstart  Supplement Guide. You  get The Beta Switch Workouts and Success Tracker, Exercise Guide ,Video Demonstrations.

The Benefits of The Beta Switch

So in short if you are a women ,have struggled with fat loss are tired of having a negative body image ,not being able to live the life u  want then you want to check out Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch. In addition to learning how to switch on ur beta receptors you will  get the following benefits:



  • Shockingly rapid fat loss on ur thighs, bum and hips, or the
    backs of ur arms
  • Eliminate hunger  cravings of dangerous dieting
  • Avoid useless exercise what traps stubborn fat
  • Enjoy  favorite comfort foods daily
  • Exercise less to burn more fat from  trouble spots
  • Fit back into “Skinny Jeans”!

the beta switch review

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Who Is Sue Heintze

Sue Heintze is a fitness-professional, model – author of a number 0f best selling 0nline fitness programs + courses. Sue Heintze - A Look At The Women Behind The Beta SwitchShe created The Beta Switch program f0r women who can’t seem to get rid 0f that stubborn fat. If y0u’ve ever given birth u know just how hard it maybe to shed that unwanted fat. It is as if nothing u do works , no matter how much work u put in the weight does not seem to fall off.

Sue Heintze maybe in a completely different place , she started in the same place you are at rightnow!

For most 0f her life Sue struggled with b0dy image issues herself. Luckily she made a number 0d discoveries about diet + exercise that turned her life ar0und. However, these discoveries did not happen 0vernight. It took Sue Heintze years 0f research, studying and failure.

Click Here To Watch A Special Video Presentation From Sue Where She Talks About Personal Struggle With Weight & Body Image Issues

Who Is Sue Heintze

Sue Heintze - The Beta Switch: The New Stubborn Fat Loss Solution For WomenSue want to mentioned above that she struggled with body image , weight issues most 0f herlife. The crazy part is for most 0f her life she was pretty active was a fitness fanatic, but u would have never guessed by her body.

Over time SueHeintze tried single diet book she could get her hands 0n. I guess u could say her best friend at the time was Cardio. The pr0blem with constantly working 0ut , counting calories is that it can eventually will burn u out. Especially when u ’re not seeing the results 0f the effort.

I do not know about u , but I have experienced a similar issue when I had trouble loosing weight ,Sue had the same problem, binge eating. A good number 0f men ,women get emotionally burnt 0ut and when u’re not getting enough calories the body will try ,get some into u. The result for some canbe binge eating.

It t00k a long time, but Sue discovered fad diets don’t work in the long term, I’m sure u already know that! why do many people do them when the results last? instant gratification of course! You want to see some results if they ‘re short lived. Although u won’t have to worry about fad diets with The Beta Switch.

After much trial ,error Sue started to put the pieces 0f the puzzle together. She was shedding unwanted fat  building lean and shapely muscle. A new transf0rmation was taking place. Sue is in her 4o’s and she has never l00ked better in my 0pinion. She has stated mulitple times , she feels like 4o is the new 2o for her , it canbe for u too!

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Skinny Protocol Program Review

Skinny Protocol Program Review

The Skinny Protocol Program is  shattered all other myths ab0ut traditional f0rms 0f weight l0ss in the form 0f weight l0ss pr0grams. It reveals t0p secret ways 0n how you may l0se weight in natural, safe – highly effective methods, which incredibly does n0t include dieting. This can sound too g00d to be true and u come into a speculation , which is a very challenging question t0 those l00king for the best weight l0ss method. It is clearly not a scam since a great number 0f pe0ple have already benefited fr0m this breakthrough program what deals with weight loss  –  completely eliminates further problems because its effects are permanent. Find out why how this product give you that perfect beautiful body u dreamed of.the beta switch review

Skinny Protocol Program Review

The Skinny Protocol Program Details

The Skinny Protocol Program is a remarkable pr0duct that is c0mprised 0f a sixty-days exercises towards a skinny u. It is an ultimate guide what if u will be able to follow and give excellent results. Choosing the right kind 0f f00ds to eat, knowing the amount of fo0d you must consume, outlined acr0ss a detailed schedule makes u last thr0ughout the program’s durati0n with comf0rt and ease. With this efficient guide, you may lose almost a pound everyday. This methods gives u access to home tests you perform to aid u in monitoring your progress or know right where you ‘re and how g00d you ‘re doing, may guide you on exactly what needs to be done.

This program eliminates ur struggles with weight loss ,helps you let go 0f spending habits that ‘re unproductive,  purchasing bottle after bottle of supplements ,weight l0ss medications, buying fat burning pills -drinks, wasting money on weight l0ss pr0grams that ‘re ineffective.


  • You shall become aware of the right foods what will repair the damaged cells in ur body at a fast rate, which shall make you younger looking aside form getting to ur desired weight.
  • This program shall be your partner every step 0f the way because u get results 0n a daily basis.
  • There ‘re n0 reported side effects because the meth0ds inv0lved are natural.
  • The Skinny Protocol Program rejuvinate ur  body.


  • You shall be committed once u start the Skinny Protocol Program t0 m0tivate yourself in sticking t0 the generated guide.
  • You observe self-discipline at all times be consistent every day 0f the method. If u hold this true, then u will be able t0 finish it fulfilled proud 0f your achievement.

This unique, all natural method is reliable ,tested, clearly shown in the high number 0f people who have been fully satisfied with the products , they have the skinny body that they’ve always wanted. Having finished the method has brought them happiness ,superb results when they purchased it.

It ‘s risk-free, worry free ,gives u an assurance because the Skinny Protocol Program offers a 60-day money back guarantee which allows u to return the product ,receive a full refund. So there’s no need to think 0f this guarantee. Buy this amazing Skinny Protocol product now , you shall see the skinny, alluring and simply irresistible u in just a few week’s time!


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3 week diet

The 3 Week Diet – How To Lose Weight Quickly

If u have ever watched any 0f those health related TV shows like ‘Dr. Oz’ or ‘The Doctors’, u would get the impression that it is difficult to lose weight fast. They’ll tell u that it take month after month to shed the pounds,  even years. But Im here today to tell u that isn’t true.

Woodworking Bench Plans

The 3 Week Diet – How To Lose Weight Quickly

My name is Brian , I am the creator 0f The 3 Week Diet.I ‘ve spent years researching working with nutritionists ,dieticians to develop a diet system that is advanced effective that it is able to u you lose 1 lb 0f pure body fat every single day. Over the course of 03 weeks on the diet, you lose more than 20 pounds of fat off your butt, belly,hips,  thighs ,achieve the body of ur dreams with little to no exercise involved. But how is this possible?

As u would know, the human body is  adaptable. If u cut your finger, the body would heal itself in a matter of days   regenerating new cells  is noticed. Well, if u make a big enough change to ur diet, the body  adapt right away too by burning fat in ur body at a rapid speed.

Check out The 3 Week Diet today and start losing weight!

The human metabolism is like a furnace for ur body. It burns up every source of fuel inside ur body – from food u have eaten, to fat that has been stored. But, one thing u have to know about the metabolism it will burn what was last eaten first, before it starts burning the fat on ur body. But what if u could change this? What if u could make it  ur  metabolism actually prefers to burn the fat in ur body first,  then burns the food u have eaten?

To make the switch  that ur metabolism starts burning body fat first, u need to include some  specific foods into ur  diet. This doesn’t mean u have to restrict yourself to eating  types of foods like ‘low carb’ or ‘high protein’, but it just means u need to add some secret foods to ur current diet. These foods are quite unknown,  they contain metabolism-shifting properties that initiate the fat burning process.  u can get all these foods at ur local supermarket ,they won’t cost u any more than a candy bar.And, they don’t taste bad either!

I have made a list ,plan of all these foods on my website at The 03 Week Diet. I explain how each of them works, and how much fat they are able to melt. Keep in mind, this is all based off years 0f scientific research ,there is medical data to back this up. So, if u are looking to lose weight fast, The 03 Week Diet is the best way to do so. No other diet allows u to lose this much fat as quickly, and lets u keep it off for good.


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ted woodworking

Teds WoodWorking Plan Review – Reader’s Choice Award 2009

Teds Woodworking plan review

T0 sum up Teds Woodworking, it’s the  Woodworking Resource available!

If u love woodworking projects then Ted’s Woodworking is for u. this package was created by Ted Mcgrath, a professional woodworker, a member 0f AWI , an educator. He has taken his lifelong love 0f woodworking ,put together an incredible package , contains both woodworking plans ,woodworking projects.

This package contains plans ,and that is covered from head t0 toe. Ted’s Woodworking designed for everyone. For the novice woodworkers, Ted takes u through each step 0f the process with clear ,concise instructions. Advanced craftsmen say that Ted’s Woodworking plan set a new standard in the woodworking field. These easy to understand plans make woodworking a breeze!

Teds Woodworking provides u with the advice that will save ur money on any project that u undertake and show u how to get it done quickly. His approach is simple ,straight forward that it will turn a chore int0 pure enjoyment.

Limited Time Special $20 Discount Link
Teds Woodworking Overview

the beta switch review

 Here is a sample of what u will find in Teds Woodworking…

  • 0ver 16,ooo pr0jects and plans
  • Access t0 Thousands of Furniture Plans
  • Easy t0 follow Step-By-Step instructions
  • Detailed Blueprints ,schematics
  • Free DWG/ CAD plan viewer
  • 15o premium woodworking clip videos
  • Complete woodworking guides
  • 6o Day Full Money back guarantee, n0 questions, n0 hassles, n0 problems!

Free some bonuses inside Teds Woodworking package:

  • #1 – Free DWG/ CAD Plan Viewer ($ 197 Value) – This software allows u to edit, modify or create ur own woodworking plans.
  • #2 – 15o Premium Woodworking Videos” ($ 77 Value) –  New videos are added 0n a consistent basis!
  • #3 – Complete Woodworking Guides ($ 39 Value) – The guides covers the bases, from working with hand tools t0 cutting dovetails includes a discussion 0f all the principal hardwoods ,how to use hand tools, softwoods, detailed information 0n every woodworking carpentry technique jointing, fastening, laminating,bonding + much more.

Order now by click on the link to the right to reserve a copy today!

Limited Time Special $20 Discount Link
Woodworking Bench Plans

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Spartan Fat Melting

Spartan fat melting review (The Spartan Protocol)

Normal price: $ 39.95  Visit website now

Discounted price: $ 29

the beta switch review

The Spartan Protocol Reviews

spartan fat melting discount

Starting from our teenage years, I’ve been absolutely 0bsessed with working 0ut ,keeping my body in G00d shape.  I live ,breath the gym ,keeping myself healthy. I excessive cardio ,weight training was exactly that my body needed. When my sister was recently complaining wanting to lose a few extra-pounds.

I recommended cardio ,weight training to her. After a few m0nths, she was c0mpletely disc0uraged. She couldn’t understand why the weight was coming off too slowly, since she was dedicating her life t0 it.I’m in my late 3os, but have noticed I get sick pretty often, Iam not aging well, and I just do npt feel healthy overall. After doing research into trying t0 figure 0ut why my sister wasn’t l0sing the weight, I came across a lot 0f alarming factors 0f cardio ,weight training .

My years 0f intense working 0ut seemed like a major mistake. I came across Spartan Protocol, which explained exactly why it happens, what you do as a replacement.

Never before did I know that  workout I’ve done in the gym has poisoned my body – yes, working out has kept me inshape,but at what cost? I had n0 idea the negative effects working out intensely had on the body. This exersice promises the same results without the harmful effects. You do n0t need to go into a gym, nor do u need to take weight l0ss supplements.

For  15minutes per day, 04 days a week, u can be in the same shape  who works out constantly. It sounded too good t0 be true, but for the discounted price 0f less than $5o, both my sister + i  decided to 0rder the training to see what it is all about.

This training focuses on ancient exercises. These exercises have somehow been put on the backburner, never to beheard 0f again. After a month of using this training , my sister has  lost the weight in a healthy way,  I’ve completely st0pped going t0 the gym all together. I amazed at Spartan Protocol,  i wish that I knew about it sooner.Spartan Fat Melting - the spartan protocol

guaranteed discount


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The Beta Switch diet (Many Positive Reviews)

The Beta Switch diet (Many Positive Reviews)

Let’s face it now, most women are looking for a weight-loss excerises that offers lasting results.  And the beta switch program is a course that aims to eradicate stubborn fats f0und in every women’s thighs and arms , in the midsection efficiency. The use of this training is backed up by success stories from many women  who used have used it to 0vercome their weight related C0ncerns.


About this program

The Beta Switch program is spread acr0ss a 12 weeks timeline. Part of this course is aimed at teaching them on ways of shedding their excess ,how to maximise them. And this program is mainly inclined 0n Cardio workouts directed towards areas with higher C0ncentration fats.

How it works

Well, weightloss depends 0n the relative rate at which ur body stores , burns fat. T0 shed your excess, ur body burn more and that it’s storing. The Beta Switch Program was developed along this line.

It can works by turning 0n BETA fat burning receptor cells ,inhibiting the Alfa receptors , facilitate the process 0f accumulating fat reserves in 0ur bodies.  it is doesn’t focus on cutting down ur calories consumption-levels. Instead, it focus on ur cellular metabolism-levels.

A focus 0n metabolism implies  , you continue to enjoy ur nutritious diets as you shed ur excess. Since ur body isn’t deprived o=0f the essential nutrients it requires, the result is successful program , doesn’t affect you physical appearance.

The Bottom line

This is great safe to you use program to woman dealing with weight related complications. It offers a chance to channel ur efforts to critical areas. This helps in saving time that u would have otherwise spent in d0ing unnecessary areas. Try beta switch program, attest that it’s worth every penny.

And you can learn more HERE


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The Beta Switch Fat Loss Elimination Tricks

Sue released a brand a new article titled “03 Female Fat Elimination Tricks “Activate” – Your Beta Receptors”. In new article Sue reveals the exercise tactic to activate ur beta receptors. This involves 03 steps which are outlined in this article.

Click Here To Discover 3 Female Fat Loss Tricks To Eliminate Stubborn Fat

It’s a good read ,1 of the steps is t0 increase bloodflow to the stubborn fat area. It’is a short read  shouldn’t take u no more than 04 minutes in my opinion. I hope u read her previous Beta Switch article which deals with nutrition? Or If not, you may check out that post right Here.

Click to watch this video :

beta switch

Something I’ve found interesting about this new article is that excessive working out : light weights and cardio may trigger more fat storage? It is interesting how the things that we think are helping to get in shape are hurting us in the long run, there’s a place for such things, but has to learn to not overdo these type 0f exercises.

Once again, you may check out the article for Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch , see for yourself why this can be the solution u have been looking for. Pplease keep in mind that this is not some sit on ur butt ,do nothing ,you will lose weight system. You are going to have to put in the work if u want to see some results. LEARN MORE…


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The beta switch fat loss system for women reviews

The launch f0r The Beta Switch Stubborn Fat Loss For Women is in full-effect. I promised a few days ago ,i posted my in-depth detailed beta switch review which maybe found here.

In review of beta switch I will cover everything u need to know to determine if it is a good fit for u. I breakdown what the program is about and how it works, the different modules , what you get, the bonuses –  the pros and the cons ,my personal thoughts on her system which may helps women shed stubborn fat F0rever.

Click to watch this video about The Beta Switch Stubborn Fat Loss For Women

beta switch

I have got a some questions from readers asking where my reviews was at I would make this post to let u know how u may access it. The beta switch review is a very long read, but worth it if u want to be informed. I highly recommend u check it out before buying the system to make sure it’s a right fit for u.By the way, do not forget the latest video presentation Sue who has made which covers everything u need to know about Beta Switch. You will learn about her personal struggles with weight which  to create this stubborn fat loss system for women. Learn more….

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